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At CWS Ltd we have a specialist Projects Division who are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of bespke welding booth systems.  We also design and manufacture specialist benches and downdraft tables.

Here is just a small selection of some of the projects we have completed

Wilkinson Welding Academy - Welding Booths

When John Wilkinson OBE Chairman of Wilkinson Star in Manchester decided to build a brand new training facility to compliment his welding machine distribution business he looked at various methods of welding bay construction before settling for our new range of Weld Safe Acousto bays.

CWS Ltd manufactured, supplied and installed our Acousto welding booths in grey powder coat finish. The welding column tables and downdraft benches were finished in blue powdercoat at customer's request.

The academy comprises of eleven Weld Safe welding bays and one dedicated grinding / plasma cutting bay. As part of the contract CWS were also tasked with providing a state of the art extraction system with our partners Nederman. The academy opted for a low pressure system with fume arm in each bay as well as a high vacuum system for on torch extraction, power tools & general cleaning.

The grinding and plasma bay fully fitted with Weld Safe 1250 Downdraft bench and Weld Safe 860 Plasma Cutting bench to control both fume and sparks.

Welding bays feature Weld Safe training column tables.

All benches and columns were specially finished in blue powder coat finish as requested by client.
For more information on the academy visit

Witter Towbars - Production Welding Booths

After the success of the Weld Safe Downdraft welding benches on the robotic installations Witter Towbars decided to repeat the excercise for their new manual welding production line upgrade.

CWS manufactured seven welding bays using Weld Safe 50 Acousto Panel Dividers. Configured as one tacking bay and three double welding bays each divider featured a viewing window. Bay entrances comprising of sliding curtain strips with a small viewing window in the centre of each span.

A 1800mm wide Weld Safe Downdraft welding bench was installed in each bay bringing the total number of our welding benches in use at Witter Towbars to 16.

Llysfasi Agricultural College - College Welding Bays

As a customer of ours for many years and part of Deeside College for whom we have previously fitted out at their Deeside Campus we were delighted to receive the order to provide new welding facilities at the Llysfasi Campus.

Comprising of ten Acousto welding booths and one grinding bay our order also included a full fume extraction system, grinding bench, training column tables, ten MMA welding inverters, three mig welding machines and one plasma cutting machine.

Each welding bay featured a viewing window and sliding curtain strip entrance. Inside the booths we installed our Weld Safe training column tables. A special bracket was made to mount the welding sets to the side wall of the booth with a pin & bracket assembly to lock the machines in place.

Grinding booth featured double sliding curtain strip entrance and a Weld Safe downdraft grinding bench.

A full Nederman extraction system utilising a telescopic fume arm in each bay was installed. Silencers were fitted outside to reduce noise emissions.

Coleg Merion Dwyfor - College Welding Bays Refurbishment

Full turnkey package completed at short notice.

We were contacted by the college's main contractor KM Construction to assist with the refurbishment of Coleg Merion Dwyfor's welding bays. Having already seen our Acousto welding bays the college had requested they be made to bespoke size to fit into the existing workshop space.

CWS were awarded the contract to supply and install six welding bays, tables, fume extraction system and industrial gas installation.

We manufactured six Acousto bays measuring 1.4m wide x 1.5m deep x 2.1m high. Each bay featured a viewing window and sliding strip curtain entrance. Our Weld Safe training benches c/w fire bricks for gas welding were provided in each bay.

A Nederman fume extraction system was installed featuring telescopic fume arms in each bay and an additional stand alone arm in the main area.

The gas manifold and pipelines were installed using Gas Arc distribution manifolds and regulators in accordance with BCGA (British Gases Association) codes of practice.

Working to a tight schedule the entire project from first discussion to completion was carried out in six weeks.

Rhino Products - Downdraft welding benches clear the air

Rhino Products are the UK's largest manufacturer of roof bar systems for commercial vehicles.

When Rhino Products, a long standing customer of CWS, moved to their new manufacturing facility, the management were determined to find the best solution to their fume problems.

They had previously found fume capture arms to be inadequate for their production methods. This was due to a number of factors - one being they used rotating jigs during the welding process. For the extraction arms to be effective they needed to be positioned close to the welding arc but the speed of production and length of components being welded made it impractical to constantly be repositioning a hood. As a result it was often found the operators positioned the hood above the welding jig resulting in fume capture close to zero.

We manufactured three Weld Safe downdraft benches and incorporated Rhino's existing rotating jig fixtures in to the benches. The resulting fume capture was astounding and far exceeded Rhino's expectations capturing and estimated 95% of fume produced without any change in the manufacturing process. The operators benefit from not having to pay attention to fume control measures at it is now constant over the area they are working.

Two benches 2300mm wide and one bench our largest made to date at 3000mm wide were installed.

More information on Rhino Products can be found at

Albright International Manufacturing Facility Lithuania

After a visit to the Wilkinson Welding Academy leading manufacturer of electrical contactors Albright International decided to use Weld Safe Acousto Booths in their new manufacturing site in Lithuania. A heavy brazing operation during the manufacturing process creates a noisy environment for operatives. The use of Acousto panelling greatly reduced the noise pollution. To take away fumes created during the process Albright installed Nederman down draft welding tables connected to a filter unit cleaning the air.

Kirklees College New Build in Huddersfield

A total of 28 Weld Safe Acousto booths were installed in a new engineering building for Kirklees College during the summer of 2012. Split over two floors the welding area comprises of 14 booths located on each floor.

5m x 5m Acoustic Sanding Booth - Stevenage

This bespoke size booth measuring 5mtr wide x 5mtr deep x 2.5mtr high was installed in their manufacturing facility as part of a system to contain and extract sanding dust in a composites factory. These pictures show the booth during installation prior to the curtain strip entrance in place.

TecQuipment, Nottingham - Production welding booths.

Due to space constraints the entrances to these booths were manufactured with combination swing / sliding element arms. Giving a clear opening of 4 metres into the booths the sliding curtain element on the swing arms resulted in only 1.2 metres having to be swung out into the walkway.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information or a price for a similar installation in your school, college or workplace.

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